Pick what works for you

We have developed these packages based on tried and tested productions that are the popular with our customers.

Blogger reviewing video production equipment
Small business promotion package​
$ 520* +GST

This package will help you grow your customer base and get people in the door. Whether you have a bar, café, fitness company, we will help you get results. 

*Limited offer – Eligibility applies

Video walkthrough tutorials
$ 690 +GST

A step-by step guide for new starters, showing them how to use bespoke programs eg Salesforce, Xero etc.

Training and onboarding video package
$ 790 +GST

Onboarding and training packages to suit your business needs. This includes video walk-throughs of software applications of intermediate complexity.

Animated videos
$ 990 +GST

From only $990, we can create high-quality animated videos to promote your product or to educate your audience.

Policy and procedure document development
$ 790 +GST

Expert policy and procedure development including fact sheets, how-to-gudes and quick reference guides from $790 per production block.

Online short courses
$ 990 +GST

Our popular online learning solutions will help you build skills of your workforce and help give you better compliance.

Podcast editing from
$ 165 +GST

This package includes studio-quality audio mastering, removal of ‘um’s, ‘ah’s and other filler words, NSW Government-grade closed captions and transcript.

*Pricing is based on a 20 minute podcast

Big black headphones lie on the wooden desktop of the sound designer
Jingles and soundtracks​
$ 490* +GST

Have your very own jingle or theme song to strengthen your brand recognition *from $490.

Note: A 24-hour cancellation policy applies to booked production sessions. Contact us for more information.

Video Blog – 7 November 2023:

Why am I having issues with Green Screen?

Chroma key is a great tool for adding diverse content to your videos.Sometimes people experience less than desirable outcomes when they shoot in front of a green screen.  Here are some tips for a better quality green screen video. 

1. Always make sure that you have plenty of light on the subject, behind the subject, and on the screen. 2. Make sure the talent avoids wearing blue, green or stipes

3. If the talent has blonde hair, try using a blue screen instead

4. Avoid shiny and metalic surfaces. 

Video Blog – 16 October 2023:

Why use a professional videographer when smartphones can capture great footage? 

It’s true that given a suitable environment, modern smart phones can capture great footage and people have been able to use them to capture corporate content, family treasure troves and even produce film clips.

This makes smart phones a great substitute for cameras on many occasions, especially where poor lighting and competing background noise is not an issue.

One thing a smart phone cannot substitute though, is years of experience creating a visual story that engages with the audience.

There is an art to telling a story and there is an art to making sure your message leaves an impact with your audience. This art only comes from experience.

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